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Identity design

Creative corporate identity design

Remembering the name of a company after hearing it once is not that easy in today's fast-paced world. People usually connect things together easier if they are presented to them visually. In many cases customers choose a product or a company based on appearance and first impression.

Corporate identity design

Corporate identity

A company's image should catch the attention of potential customers, and represent the company's identity towards the market. On a company level there is external and internal corporate identity. Design elements used in daily internal communication are considered as part of the internal corporate identity. These are for example the internal newsletters, the furnishing of the office, the business cards, the uniform, company mugs etc. A professionally implemented internal design affects the workers visually, strengthens the company spirit and has a positive effect on the team. The external corporate identity is how the company represents itself towards the outside world. It contains elements like the logo, the business card, the letter paper, the envelope, the folder, the flyers, the advertisements, the webpage etc. All of the design elements - both online and offline - represent the company's identity, make the company easier to remember, may increase the profit significantly and may result in the acknowledgement of marketing experts.

The benefits for having a unique corporate identity

  • Explicitly identifies the company and distinguishes it from the competition.
  • It identifies not only the company but the internal quality as well (have to comply with the brand).
  • It makes a more sophisticated and visualised business communication possible.
  • It is easier to remember to a well-designed corporate identity, which also helps in making long-term partnerships.
  • It displays stability and safety toward the target audience.

Why is a good logo important?

Nowadays the competition is so big in every field that one needs something to stand out with from the crowd. A well-designed logo gives you this opportunity. It provides a sort of identity, relates to the mentality of the company, distinguishes its owner from the other companies on the market. A logo prevails with its simplicity, can be used in many ways and is easy to remember. It also plays an important role in case of first impression similarly to the corporate identity.

Identity design


  • Logo design, re-design
  • Business card, letter paper, envelope, company folder design
  • Advertising materials, packaging design
  • Digital letter paper, e-mail footer, presentation template
  • Publication editing
  • Flyers, stickers, posters design

Our clients can count on us and trust us, since we offer a 1 year guarantee on all of our services!

Steps for corporate identity design

  • Market position, assessing the competition
  • Discussing and recording the needs
  • Stating the exact tasks and deadlines within the boundaries of the contract
  • Creating the first visual design plans based on the discussions
  • Implementing necessary modifications, fixing flaws, corrections, data verification
  • Preparing design materials to a print-ready format
  • Handing over the completed design elements in a digital form