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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

It is the main interest of the operator of a website or webshop that the products, services and information presented on the website get to as many people as possible, and that these people make purchases or ask for a price quote - so in other words the conversion is high. Search engine optimization is responsible for maximizing the number of visitors that come from different search engines by improving the website's position on the result list for the provided keywords.


Search engine optimization for the website

The field distinguishes two main practices for search engine optimization: the on-site seo and the off-site seo. As the name suggests in case of the on-site optimization the experts analyze the structure of the website as a first step, then the suitability of the program code, whether it complies with the standards, then they fix the discovered issues, and finally they will analyze the content of the webpage.

One of the most important things of search engine optimization is carefully compiling texts that contain the proper keywords, or in case of existing websites the re-phrasing of these texts, alongside with data upload according to standards. Based on experiences the format of the uploaded texts need correction almost always, and only by re-phrasing the content followed by its search engine optimized upload will result in significant improvement in regards to result list position.

Search engine optimization has tasks that need to be done outside of the website (off-site search engine optimization), which happen only after the code and content of the webpage has been optimized. When the quality and credibility of a webpage is assessed by a search engine the references, hyperlinks pointing to the website and the quality of the contents appearing on other parts of the web are very important. A key part of this activity is the link-building where - in accordance with the search engine optimization purposes - entries, references and PR publications are put out to appropriate sites, and different link-catalogues and social media are being used.


First of all the search engine optimization experts determine which keywords and subpage of the website should they focus on during the link-building process. After that they place hyperlinks - pointing to the targeted website's subpage - into specific texts, articles, blog entries, link catalogues on independent websites. These built-up links will then notify the search engines that the content is valuable, thus the positions on the result lists will improve automatically.

This policy became the basis of link-building right after Google appeared, and it is still nowadays - it's just the methods that got more complicated and sophisticated. Link-building, so the quality and quantity of the links pointing to the targeted page is still one of the most important aspects in ranking. By increasing links of good quality pointed to the webpage the position of the website - in regards to particular keywords - improves on the result list, but of course a lot of other parameters have impact on the end result.



  • Making on-site seo adjustments
  • Improving the content of the webpage, making it search engine optimized
  • Premium link-building for specific keywords and terms
  • Writing PR articles to online media platforms and portals
  • Press release link marketing

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Search engine optimized text compiling

In case of content creation for a website or a webshop nowadays it is a basic requirement that the written text complies with the main principles of search engine optimization, since the visitors coming from search engines (for free) are important to every operator. When the search engine optimized text is written, it is done in a way that it meets the evaluation criterion of the search engines: suitable structure, extremely precise keywording, standard-compliancy, correct labeling of content elements, professional integration of links etc.