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Webshop building

Webshop building

The online presence is essential for every business, because it is the best way to effectively increase its profit. If you wish to sell a product online it is important to have a properly functioning and optimized webshop. The goal of a webshop is to increase the selling and to have a bigger market. There is no ultimate recipe for the best webshop, it can only be fruitful if it is customized for the particular product.

Webshop building

What kind of modules does a webshop consist of?

Once the basic goals have been identified, and the graphical design has been accepted, it's time for the next step in creating the webshop, which is the programming of the webshop engine. One of the most significant modules is the product module, for which there are numerous options and supplementary solutions. This module displays product lists, product descriptions and it is also responsible for search and filter options for the products. There are other important modules like profile management, cart management, order and payment solutions. In many cases the behaviour of these modules should be well considered. The following questions could arise at this point:

  • Is registration necessary for shopping? What advantages could registration hold?
  • What kind of data should be editable in the profile?
  • What are the popular payment solutions? Does the payment by card worth it?
  • How and by whom should the products be delivered?

Of course we can provide advice in every topic that arises and help our customers during the development of the webshop, keeping their needs and goals in mind. It is recommended to add modules for price quotes, news, blog, newsletter subscription to the webpage, and the option to share and suggest in social media.

Since the browsing in mobile devices became more popular than browsing in desktop devices, we must not forget about the mobile version when we are creating a webshop. The webshops that we create are responsive, optimized for mobile phones and tablets in order to provide a flawless browsing experience for the users. Our responsive solutions meet the demands of Google as well, thus helping to accomplish good results in mobile browsing.

Operating and maintenance of webshops

Maintaining a webpage is important, but it is even more important for webshops. Products, product groups, prices, inventories etc. are constantly changing. Maintaining and operating a bigger webshop requires a lot of work, which should be taken into serious consideration during the design phase.

Online shopping is getting more and more popular, therefore it is essential that the products of the webshop display properly in the result lists of search engines. Maintenance and data upload play an important role in this. There are a lot of products that can only be bought online, and if the customers cannot find enough information about them, they won't order it.

With the integration of online payment services the popular payment methods can be used, which is beneficial and comfortable for both the operator and the customer. In many webshops there are no online payment solutions at first, but we shouldn't settle for this, we should observe the competitors' webshops and customer behavior, so that we can make conclusions on how to get our webshop up-to-date.

Webshop maintenance tasks

  • Keyword research
  • Search engine optimization
  • PR article writing and link building
  • Blogging
  • Newsletter, collecting subscribers
  • Facebook profile operation, Facebook marketing
  • YouTube profile operation, YouTube advertising
  • Adwords campaign operation
  • Content development
  • Creating and uploading of graphic contents, web designs, videos
  • Observing analytic data and statistics
Webshop building


  • Full-scale website development and operation
  • Easy to use admin page
  • Webshop product upload
  • Webshop search engine optimization
  • 1 year guarantee, error correction within short time
  • Creating webshops that are optimized for mobile devices

Our clients can count on us and trust us, since we offer a 1 year guarantee on all of our services!

Steps for creating a webshop

  • Assessing the needs, familiarizing with the target audience, compiling the list of features.
  • Creating a comprehensive specification in which the customer needs, the products to be uploaded, the purchase and payment methods, the ways of transportation and other special features are described.
  • Stating the exact tasks and deadlines within the boundaries of the contract.
  • Creating the graphic design of the main page.
  • Doing the necessary corrections, designing the subpages.
  • Creating and programming the structure of the webshop.
  • Creating a demo page where the operation of the webshop can be tracked during development phase.
  • Developing dynamic functions, creating the admin page.
  • Data upload and verification, testing the webshop.
  • Uploading the webshop to the online repository that was agreed on.
  • 1 year guarantee on the flawless functioning of the webshop's features.