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Website building

Website building

No business or enterprise can be really successful without having a well-designed and popular webpage. When a person is looking for something, usually he/she searches for help online. Customized web-design becomes more and more important for businesses to prevail in the online world.

Website building

Why is a customized responsive webpage important?

A completely customized responsive website gives uniqueness and freedom. It has a lot of potentials and can be the center of the whole online marketing. The customized webpages can always be improved, search engine optimized and are perfectly capable of supporting the business goals of a company or an enterprise. In responsive view the websites are displayed properly on mobile phones and tablets, the size is adjusted to the resolution. The content usually remains the same, only the layout changes. Therefore the content of the site is transparent in every display, the page functions smoothly, the pictures and the texts appear in the correct (optimal) size.

What are the benefits of a website?

  • More cost-efficient in long term than advertising in the offline-media.
  • It is always available on the web, which means more potential clients.
  • With a good quality webpage it is easier to compete against rivals.
  • Large amount of information can be placed on a website, and it is also easily modifiable.
  • There are no geographical boundaries, with search engine optimization it can reach a lot of users.
  • It can be also used for achieving a higher prestige and reliability rate.

Webpage reconstruction, optimization, maintenance

Customer needs and the expectations of online presence are continuously changing. The first impression matters a lot - if a webpage seems obsolete less people will visit the site, which means less customer request. Following the latest web technology is also important, because these are also changing and the web browsers make less and less effort to support obsolete programming solutions. Disregarding the changes in technology is definitely a disadvantage because the unnecessary and long code lines are making the loading time of webpages slower. Besides the most valuable part of a webpage, the content needs to be continuously updated as well, since visitors like to browse among up-to-date content better.

Many believe that writing a few sentences long news every month is enough to satisfy the needs of the visitors. It is not. Of course it is important to write content, but not just a few words. Publishing the latest news, developments and innovations can have great benefits. In order to do that one should follow the competitor's websites, the newsletters of manufacturers, magazines of the profession etc. Maintaining social media sites, writing posts, observing marketing campaigns require a dedicated person. Not to mention the creating of visual material that appear on the webpage.

A neglected webpage is like a non-existing webpage. Makes no sense. Visitors come but they leave very soon. The turndown ratio is high. The appearance and the content of a webpage is a matter of importance. However, not everything is about the looks, the structure of the webpage is just as significant. The content of a good website should always meet the latest demands, which requires the use of innovative IT and marketing tools from the website maker.

Website building


  • Customized website building from design to implementation
  • Easy to use administrator page
  • Full-scale webpage modernization
  • Loading speed optimization
  • 1 year guarantee, error correction within short time
  • Creating quality content

Our clients can count on us and trust us, since we offer a 1 year guarantee on all of our services!

Steps for building a website

  • Needs assessment, familiarizing with the target audience, compiling the list of features
  • Stating the exact tasks and deadlines within the boundaries of the contract
  • Creating the graphic design of the home page
  • Implementing necessary corrections, designing the subpages
  • Creating and programming the structure of the webpage
  • Creating a demo page where the operation of the webpage can be tracked during development phase
  • Developing dynamic webpage functions, creating the admin page
  • Data upload and verification, testing the website
  • Uploading the webpage to the online repository that was agreed on
  • 1 year guarantee on the flawless functioning of the website's features